What happens in session?

The beautiful arena at the Samford RDA

Individual Sessions are usually of 50 minutes duration,group sessions can be longer. We can see adults or children individually or as families or small groups of people. 

This horse is wearing colour coded emotions
placed where the client feels those in their body

Usually the session starts with the person
connecting with each horse, that means they approach each horse and stand as close to the horse as they are comfortable, one horse at a time. Then we may deepen that connection by grooming, not to get the horses clean, but to raise people's awareness of the horse's experience. Which brush did the horse like best? Where did the horse like being brushed most?

Yawning together is very relaxing
Horses are masters of mindfulness, as they naturally live in the here and now. They can help people to achieve mindfulness too. This can be very relaxing for both the horse and the human. We may move on to a problem solving exercise, such as moving one or all horses to a certain point in the arena. The benefit comes through the process rather than through reaching the goal. We frequently use therapeutic metaphors, which can assist the person in transfering the experiences in the arena to real life situations.

This horse is exploring the safe space of a DV victim

Problem Solving: how does this fit?
In the EAGALA Model of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, we  believe that each person has the best solution for themselves and we help the person find their own solution.

Building a path and leading the horse on the journey
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